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Top 5+ Benefits Of Drinking Water

You'll be happy to know that water provides plenty of benefits!

Today you are going to know that water provides plenty of benefits.

Drinking 8-12 glass of water a day can give you a healthy life. Drinking water in an empty stomach is great for health and skin. Since your brain is made of 73% of water, drinking it helps you think, concentrate, focus and stay alert. It reduces tiredness and helps you keep calm. It reduces your cognitive and motor skills. Don’t dehydrate yourself, grab a glass of water every minute and stay hydrated and energetic.

It helps you grow hair healthy, strong and fast. It also helps you lose weight.

Drink a glass of water before a meal. Drinking plenty of water helps your body flush out waste through sweat and urination. This also prevents kidney stones and protects you from urinary tract infections. Your body is able to naturally detoxify through the use of its lungs, liver, and kidneys. but we give it more than it can handle. During holidays and weekends, eating and drinking too many fizzy drinks can harm your health. Skip the fizzy drinks and grab a glass of water.

Drinking water is great for your skin. Drinking plenty of water every day helps you to moisturize your skin, keep it soft and removes wrinkles and helps you to digest everything you eat.

Water has also been shown to reduce the risk of bladder cancer by rapidly flushing toxins from your bladder. Drink more water!

Headaches are often caused by dehydration. Don’t take the pills to get rid of a headache. Drink more water. Water is more important for brain function. Your brain is made of 73% of water so it needs to stay hydrated.

Drinking water helps you prevent cramps and sprains. Develop healthy hydration and you’ll be more flexible. Dehydration can often cause back pain which is not good. Drink water to get rid of back pain and heart disease. It also improves your heart health.

Missing your brush? Don’t worry. Drinking water helps you prevent bad breath. Bad breath is often a clear sign of dehydration. Drinking enough amount of water can wash away the food particles and oral bacteria that lead to bad breath. Dehydration affects your mood and memory. It makes you more sensitive to pain. Drink more water and put yourself in a better mood.  Drink up!

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