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How To Make Souffle Dessert Recipe cooktofood
French FoodRecipesSweet

How To Make Souffle Dessert Recipe

Hi there! You might be wondering and want to cook something sweet today! If yes, you are in the right place. Because today we are going to show you how to make Souffle recipe step by step! Souffle Dessert As you know, a Souffle is a baked egg-based dish which originated in early eighteenth-century France. Egg yolks and beaten egg whites are also added and combined with various other ingredients such as butter, all-purpose flour, milk, and cream of tartar. Served as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert. The good thing is that you can make this...

How To Make Flamiche Recipe cooktofood
French FoodRecipes

How To Make Flamiche French Recipe

Learn how to make Flamiche recipe step by step! This is a traditional recipe from the North of France. It is easy and delicious as well. How To Make Flamiche First of all, dissolve the yeast in warm milk. Make a well in the flour and pour the milk/yeast mixture, one egg, and melted butter. Now mix and knead slightly until getting an elastic dough. Upon formation of the dough, add the salt and knead for 3 minutes. Form a ball. Make sure you cover the dough and let rise for one hour at room temperature and away from drafts....

Pineapple Kale Green Smoothie Recipe cooktofood
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Pineapple Kale Smoothie For Weight Loss

Here's another smoothie recipe for weight loss. We are now going to show you how to make this healthy Pineapple Kale green smoothie recipe step by step! Pineapple Kale Green Smoothie Smoothies are full of good-for-you nutrients. They are easy to make and are very delicious. Smoothies keep you full for longer, they boost your metabolism and curve your appetite. All of which tends to encourage weight loss! Make sure you subscribe us to see more latest posts. You can also print the recipe and share it with your loved ones. How To Make Pineapple Kale Green Smoothie First, add...

Banana Strawberry Smoothie Recipe cooktofood
BenefitsFruit JuiceHealth TipLose WeightRecipes

Banana Strawberry For Weight Loss Recipe

Hi there! Today we are going to share the healthy banana strawberry smoothie for weight loss! Don't miss. Banana Strawberry Smoothie Smoothies are full of good-for-you nutrients. They are easy to make and are very delicious. Smoothies keep you full for longer, they boost your metabolism and curve your appetite. All of which tends to encourage weight loss! Strawberries are a rich source of antioxidants, they support the immune system. We should at least eat 8 strawberries a day because one serving of eight medium-sized strawberries contains: 45 calories. 140 percent of the daily value for vitamin C. Strawberries may help...

Green Chutney Recipe cooktofood

Green Chutney Spicy Indian Recipe

Hi there! Looking for something spicy? If yes, this green chutney recipe is a perfect idea! Green Chutney The good thing about this chutney is it stays good in the fridge for 2-3 days. You can prepare the chutney a day before you prepare the chaat snacks and refrigerate it. You can serve this chutney with sandwiches, aloo paratha, samosa, pakora, Mirchi pakora, vada pav, panipuri and veg cutlet to have a spicy taste. My mother loves this chutney she recommends it to everybody, she says the tomato ketchup is good but not better than this chutney! I also recommend...

Chocolate Fudgy Brownie Recipe cooktofood
Mother's Day RecipesRecipesSweet

Chocolate Fudgy Brownie Sweet Recipe

Hi! I was wondering about making something sweet for my mother today! So, I thought a chocolate fudgy brownie will be the best idea. Learn how to make the best homemade chocolatey fudgy brownie recipe step by step! and share it with your loved ones! Homemade Chocolate Fudgy Brownie This is the super easy recipe made with semi-sweet dark chocolate, butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar, eggs, salt, vanilla essence, all-purpose flour, and cocoa powder! As you can see the ingredients are simple as well as the directions. Go ahead, grab the ingredients we need and let's begin! Tip! Dip the knife...

Chocolatey & Creamy Oreo Macarons Recipe cooktofood

Chocolatey & Creamy Oreo Macarons Recipe

Hi there! Today I'm so excited to show you how to make these lovely chocolatey & creamy oreo macarons recipe step by step! When I first saw this recipe I asked myself why is my mouth watering so much? If you think the same, today's recipe is for you. You should try these lovely oreo macarons and you will know the answer as I did. Chocolatey & Creamy Oreo Macarons Let me tell you some tips so your macarons will come out perfectly the very first time you make them. Always use almond flour, not an almond meal: Because Almond flour is...

Japanese curry recipe cooktofood
Japanese FoodRecipesVegetarian

Japanese Curry Recipe Japanese Dish

Hello! Hope you're doing fine and may want to eat something different today! If yes, try this delicious Japanese curry recipe! I'm starting to love Japanese foods actually. They are amazing and different as well. Japanese Curry If you are trying this recipe for the first time just like me and have some questions in mind like does it taste spicy or sweet? Well, it is a little spicy & sweet, with a thick gravy-like sauce that's silky & delicious! It's really good you are going to love it. I first saw this recipe on Pickled Plum by Caroline Phelps...

Homemade Sashimi Recipe cooktofood
Japanese FoodRecipes

Homemade Sashimi Recipe Japanese Dish

Hi! I hope you like the previous posts on Sushi, today we are going to show you how to make homemade Sashimi recipe step by step! Homemade Sashimi Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy consisting of very fresh raw fish or meat sliced into thin pieces. Sashimi and Sushi are actually quite different because sashimi is not, technically, a form of sushi at all. Yes, it involves raw fish – but it does not include rice of any kind. Rice is an essential component for sushi. This post is inspired by Tim Cushman I liked his recipe and I would love to recommend...

Sushi Rice Recipe cooktofood
Japanese FoodRecipesVegetarian

Sushi Rice in a Rice Cooker Recipe

Hi! We now going to show you how to make Sushi rice in a rice cooker! It is an easy recipe for sushi lovers. Also, learn how to make homemade sushi in a halal way! Sushi Rice Sushi is a Japanese dish of prepared vinegared rice, usually with some sugar and salt, accompanying a variety of ingredients, such as seafood, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits. The way we cook rice on our ordinary days this rice making recipe is different from them. So, now grab the ingredients we need and let's begin! Inspired by Nami, a Japanese home cook based in...

Chocolate Malt Cake Recipe cooktofood
Mother's Day RecipesRecipes

Chocolate Malt Cake Recipe Mother’s Day

Hey there! Today we are going to show you how to make delicious Chocolate Malt Cake recipe step by step for Mother's day! You should make this homemade chocolate cake so you can save money and time. The ingredients should be available so this lovely cake tastes more yummy and chocolatey. You must be wondering to buy cakes from the store but trust me this cake will blow your mind, I’ve been struggling to motivate myself to write and finally, I am here today! I don't think I need to do much talking about this cake because the title is...

white sauce pasta recipe
Indian FoodItalian FoodRecipesVegetarian

White Sauce Pasta Recipe Indian Style

Hi there! Learn how to make delicious white sauce pasta recipe step by step by yourself at home! We are going to reveal the secret ingredients and directions most of the chefs used to hide. And, we are one hundred percent sure you are going to love this dish! White Sauce Pasta You may have heard that Indian street food is famous all over the world, people from different countries visit India just to explore beautiful places, people, culture, and delicious food! They love everything about this country. We hope you try this recipe and let us know via comments!...

Aloo Paratha Recipe cooktofood

Aloo Paratha Popular Punjabi Recipe

Aloo Paratha Hi there! Today we are going to show you how to make this delish Aloo Paratha recipe step by step! The hot and piping Aloo Paratha with butter melting on top can be accompanied along with plain yogurt or tangy pickle of your choice and you can also accompany it with green chutney or maybe a dry side dish of your choice. It is one of the most popular paratha recipes from Punjab. Do try this recipe and let us know if your junior loved it!...

chicken skewers recipe

Chicken Skewers Turkish Recipe

Learn how to make this lovely Turkish Chicken Skewers recipe step by step by yourself at home! Chicken Skewers are one of those great make-ahead party foods that make so much sense when you’re entertaining.  Marinate your chicken overnight then cook the morning of or even two days ahead, then just reheat and serve! Do try this lovely meal and let us know via comments! Chicken Skewers Recipe In Urdu اجزاء چکن بریسٹ 2عدد دہی آدھا کپ ذیرہ پاؤڈر 1چائے کا چمچ پیپریکا 1اورآدھا چائے کا چمچ دار چینی آدھا چائے کا چمچ کٹی لال مرچ آدھا چائے کا چمچ لیموں کا...

chicken stock recipe
BenefitsHealth TipRecipesWinter

Healthy Chicken Stock Recipe For Winters

You might be wondering and want to cook chicken stock recipe delicious in winters. If I am right, then you are in the right place. Here on Cooktofood.com, we help people to cook wonderful meals for special occasions. Today, we are going to cook the chicken stock recipe. Before we start to make Chicken Stock recipe, check out Elise Bauer’s blog and find more relevant chicken stock recipes. Benefits of Chicken Stock Recipe There are many benefits in chicken stock and ingredients of this recipe. Like, we are going to add Garlic, Carrots and other many healthy vegetables in this chicken stock recipe. Here are...

moroccan chicken tagine arabic recipe
Middle EasternRecipes

Chicken Tagine Recipe Moroccan Food

Chicken tagine is a Moroccan dish. This wonderful recipe is also beautifully made by Christine Benlafquih on The Spruce Eats .  Chicken tagine is made with healthy zucchinis and olives. Zucchinis are good for heart health because they have a good amount of potassium. Zucchinis are also high in antioxidant vitamin C, which may help lowering blood pressure and to protect against clogged arteries. They are also richer than cucumbers in iron and potassium. This recipe can be served on special occasions like a dinner party. Make this delicious Moroccan chicken tagine for your friends and family. So the chicken has many health benefits...

chanay ki daal ka halwa recipe
Pakistani FoodRecipes

Chanay Ki Daal Ka Halwa (Dessert)

First of all, Chanay ki daal ka halwa (dessert) is one of the best Pakistani recipes. This wonderful recipe is made of split chickpeas ( chanay ki daal ), almonds, pistachios, and crushed coconuts. Why this recipe is beneficial? Because we have added some healthy dried fruits. Dried fruits are good for mental and physical health so that is the only reason we will garnish the dessert with dry fruits. Also find more interesting nutritional value of yellow split peas by Michele Turcotte. Health benefits of split chickpeas (Chanay ki daal) The split chickpea ( chanay ki daal ) is an annual legume and it...

homemade nutella
Health TipRecipes

Homemade Nutella Pancakes Recipe

Today we're going to make homemade Nutella recipe that is even better and healthier than the original. This fun recipe will blow your mind, tastes 1000 times better than the original. You will love this homemade Nutella. Dora pancake with Nutella is one of the healthy fun breakfast for kids. Pancakes can be served with honey on top and some delicious berries but Dora pancakes are different. Homemade Nutella Ingredients 8 ounces Hazelnuts 1/3 Cup Cocoa Powder 1 Cup Powdered Sugar 2 Tbsp Hazelnut Oil 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract 1/8 Tsp Salt Directions Position a rack in the center of the...

sesame ginger chicken recipe
Chinese FoodRecipes

Sesame Ginger Chicken Recipe Chinese Food

Sesame Ginger Chicken Sesame ginger chicken is a wonderful Chinese recipe. I was pretty impressed when I first saw this recipe on GeniusKitchen.com best recipe with simple ingredients and directions. This fun recipe takes 20 minutes only to get ready. Chinese being the populated people in the world, you would assume that Chinese people would vote their food as the most popular. The most popular Chinese dishes you should try are dumplings, wontons, kung pao chicken, sweet and sour pork, ma po tofu, chow mein, Peking roasted duck, and spring rolls. Do try these Chinese recipes and let us know if...

steamed custard buns chinese recipe

Steamed Custard Buns Recipe Chinese Dessert

Chinese steamed custard buns also called Nai Wong Bao are a deliciously sweet dessert. A popular Asian treat found at Dim Sum restaurants, but I’m going to show you how to make these right at home! When I first saw this recipe I liked it. I thought I should try this and recommend to my loved ones. Nai Wong Bao or steamed custard buns! This is now my absolute favorite comfort food, and I am delighted to share this bun recipe with you. Steamed Custard Buns To make homemade custard steamed buns is a labor of love, but well worth...

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