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Get Rid Of Dandruff, Frizzy, And Dry Hair

Easy peasy winter and summer hair care hacks!

I am extremely sorry for those who are facing summer now. I forgot to tell you how you can get rid of dandruff, frizzy, and dry hair in winter.

Get Rid Of Dandruff, Frizzy, And Dry Hair

But the thing is dandruff can be one of the problems during the summer season as hair becomes really fizzy and dry due to summer heat heaving the skin layer inside your hair to peel off. Oiling is one of the effective methods to keep dry hair filled with moisture.

Read this article till the end so you can get rid of dandruff, frizzy and dry hair even in summer.

Hair Mask

For Soft And Shiny Hair

Take two eggs and beat them, then add one tablespoon olive oil and two capsules of vitamin B. Mix them well.  Apply this hair mask, let it sit for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash your hair with shampoo.

Hair Mask

Get Rid Of Dandruff

In a cup, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and four tablespoons of water. It’s okay if you don’t have apple cider vinegar you can use lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your hair with the help of cotton. Let it sit for 25 minutes.

Hair Mask

Deep Hair Care Conditioning

In a cup, add three tablespoons of your favorite oil, and two tablespoons of castor oil, mix it well. Microwave this hair mask for 1 minute and then apply it on your scalps. Cover your hair with a plastic or a shower cap. Steam your hair for 10-15 minutes with the help of a hairdryer. After steaming, wash your hair with shampoo. After washing your hair you will see some changes in your hair.


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