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health benefits & side effects of chia seeds
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Health Benefits & Side Effects Of Chia Seeds

Do you know the health benefits & side effects of chia seeds ? Chia seeds are rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. They are a great source of nutrition as part of a balanced diet and an aid to losing weight and swallowed in large quantities by weight watcher, but eating too much chia seeds can harm your health. Make sure you do not consume them on a daily basis. The Nutritional Value Of Chia Seeds Energy: 486 Calories (per 100 g) Protein: 16.5 g (per 100 g) Calcium: 631 mg (per 100 g) Iron: 7.7 mg (per 100 g) Potassium: 407 mg (per 100 g) Magnesium: 335 mg (per 100...

taro root (arbi) masala recipe
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Taro Root (Arbi) Masala Recipe Indian Food

Learn how to make taro root (arbi) masala recipe step by step! Colocasia esculenta is a plant. Arvi or arbi is usually called colocasia root or taro root in English. Once you know the health benefits of arbi you will be amazed! Taro root or colocasia root is exceptionally healthy food, filled with numerous nutrients like vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and good amounts of antioxidants. Therefore, it should be consumed in large quantity regularly to avail the many benefits it maintains. By consuming arbi you can control high blood sugar, improve digestive system, prevent cancer, delay the aging process, improve the skin, reduce...