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Pakistani Foodrecipes

How To Make Kabab Masala | Eid Ul Azha Special | Pakistani Food

Try this yummy Kabab Masala recipe at home. This Kabab Masala recipe is a Pakistani recipe and a perfect dinner recipe. This mouth-watering recipe is loved by foodies of all ages. It's a traditional barbeque recipe on the cooktofood.  Grab the ingredients and begin!...

Pakistani Foodrecipes

How To Make Kofta Pulao Recipe | Pakistani Food

Today we are going to make mouth-watering kofta pulao which is kids favorite dish. It can be served with raita or yogurt. This wonderful recipe is also very easy and only takes only 40 minutes to get ready. This Kofta Pulao recipe is a Pakistani recipe and a perfect meal for lunch for everybody. It can be served at the dinner party!...

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Top 5+ Benefits Of Drinking Water

Today you are going to know that water provides plenty of benefits. Drinking 8-12 glass of water a day can give you a healthy life. Drinking water in an empty stomach is great for health and skin. Since your brain is made of 73% of water, drinking it helps you think, concentrate, focus and stay alert. It reduces tiredness and helps you keep calm. It reduces your cognitive and motor skills. Don't dehydrate yourself, grab a glass of water every minute and stay hydrated and energetic. It helps you grow hair healthy, strong and fast. It also helps you lose weight....

Eid Ul Azha SpecialPakistani Foodrecipes

How To Make Mutton Gushtaba | Eid Ul Azha Special | Pakistani Food

Alhumdulillah, Eid Ul Azha is tomorrow. Do try these Eid Ul Azha Special recipes and let us know your thoughts! This wonderful Mutton Gushtaba recipe can be served on a dinner party. It tastes delicious and very easy to make. It takes only an hour to get ready. This Mutton Gushtaba recipe is a Pakistani recipe and a perfect meal. Grab the ingredients and let's get started!...

Eid Ul Azha SpecialPakistani Foodrecipes

How To Make Namkeen Gosht | Eid Ul Azha Special | Pakistani Food

We are happy to add another meat recipe to help you enjoy your this Eid Ul Azha. The special event, nobody would like to miss these yummy recipes. This recipe will take almost one hour to get ready. Make sure you cook at the right time so you can serve it on time. Namkeen Gosht is usually prepared with mutton meat but it can be made with lamb, veal, and beef. This Namkeen Gosh recipe is a Pakistani recipe and a perfect meal for lunch.  Try this recipe and let us know your thoughts!...

Eid Ul Azha SpecialPakistani Foodrecipes

How To Make Mutton Rosh Recipe | Eid Ul Azha Special | Pakistani Food

Eid Ul Azha also called the "Festival of sacrifice" is the second of two Islamic holidays celebrated worldwide each year. At Eid Ul Azha, many Muslims wear new clothes, visit family members, and friends. They also symbolically sacrifice an animal in an act known as qurbani. Muslims make a special effort to pray and listen to a sermon at a Masjid. This Mutton Rosh recipe is the Pakistani recipe and one of the delicious recipes that can be served on special occasions. It tastes delicious. The recipe will be ready in 3-4 hours so make sure you start to cook...

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How To Make Cold Coffee Recipe | Summer Drink

Cold coffee is the best drink to start your day. It gives you energy and the best thing is it's cold. Ingredients and the directions are very simple and easy. It tastes perfect. You can decorate it with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate blocks. The more you'll decorate it the more it'll taste delicious. Try it and give us feedback!...

Pakistani Foodrecipes

How To Make Macaroni Chaat Recipe

Macaroni can be served with meatballs, chicken strips, and mince. Today we did some twist and added some healthy vegetables which turned out amazing. Macaroni tastes more delicious with vegetables. This Macaroni chaat recipe is a Pakistani-Indian style and a perfect meal for lunch!...

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Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, proteins, mineral, and vitamins. Chia seeds are a great source of nutrition as part of a balanced diet and an aid to losing weight and swallowed in large quantities by weight watcher, but eating too much chia seeds can harm your health. Chia seeds contain fiber, protein, potassium, calcium, magnesium, fat, folate, iron, manganese, phosphorus and a decent amount of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, and zinc, Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds They can lower your risk of heart disease. They may reduce blood sugar levels. They may reduce chronic inflammation. They...

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