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How To Make Custard Bun

Today we're going to make some yummy buns for kids! This Custard Buns can be served on breakfast and can be a perfect meal for lunch! Do try this recipe and let us know if your junior love it!...

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How To Make Kofta Pulao Recipe | Pakistani Food

Today we are going to make mouth-watering kofta pulao which is kids favorite dish. It can be served with raita or yogurt. This wonderful recipe is also very easy and only takes only 40 minutes to get ready. This Kofta Pulao recipe is a Pakistani recipe and a perfect meal for lunch for everybody. It can be served at the dinner party!...

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Top 5+ Benefits Of Drinking Water

Today you are going to know that water provides plenty of benefits. Drinking 8-12 glass of water a day can give you a healthy life. Drinking water in an empty stomach is great for health and skin. Since your brain is made of 73% of water, drinking it helps you think, concentrate, focus and stay alert. It reduces tiredness and helps you keep calm. It reduces your cognitive and motor skills. Don't dehydrate yourself, grab a glass of water every minute and stay hydrated and energetic. It helps you grow hair healthy, strong and fast. It also helps you lose weight....

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